Previously we discussed some natural ways to moisturise our skin, but what about hair? It too plays an important role.

Let’s face it; our hair gets a little dull and damaged from time to time, which forces us to rush to the nearest salon. But what if we give you hair care treatments? We rounded up three hair care treatments that will provide you with healthy, shiny looks; you will want to flaunt everywhere.

1. Hair Mask

Hair masks give your hair nourishment and adding commercial-worthy shine. Mix 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder and a little bit of coconut milk and to your scalp and hair before rinsing it after 20 minutes. Rich in sulphur, cocoa powder naturally makes your hair shiny and helps cover greys while coconut milk adds protein and helps nourish damaged hair. Apply the mask once a week, and you will have soft and smooth hair in no time.

2. Detox

Shampoos and salon treatments can sometimes take a toll on your hair, especially if you have dehydrated hair. Dry hair can also be the result of nutritional deficiencies, sun exposure, excessive hair wash or use of harsh products. But a hair rinse is just what you need to give your hair a healthy dose of moisture. For this DIY hair rinse mix one cup of water, two tbsp of aloe vera juice, 1 tsp of glycerin, 1 tbsp of apricot oil, 2 tsp of vitamin E oil, and 2 tsp of sesame oil. Spritz the mixture onto your hair, and scalp and leave it on for about 30 minutes before washing it off. Try this magic potion for a week, and you’ll be flaunting beautiful, nourished hair for days.

3. Hair Mask (Coloured and Curly Hair)

One of nature’s perfect foods, avocados are rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamin A and E. To make this hydrating mask, mix one ripe mashed avocado with 1 tbsp olive oil and 1 tbsp honey. For oily scalp, apply the mixture one inch from the roots. For the dry and flaky scalp, apply the mixture to the roots as well. The olive oil in the mask will help add moisture to your hair while honey will add lustre and make the hair stronger. Keep the cover on for 30 minutes before rinsing it off, and you’ll get with healthy, shiny and manageable hair.

By following these simple treatments, you are not only giving your hair natural nourishment and protein but also giving pocket a breather. With any one of these natural DIY treatments, you can pamper your hair at home, and it will be ready to take on a whole new life.