Actress Mishti Mukherjee, who had featured in the Govinda aala re song in Main Krishna Hoon (2013) and in various other music videos, passed away on October 2 in Bangalore. The family of the actress alleged that she was on a keto diet, which resulted in kidney failure. Mishti was in her 30s.

“She suffered a lot of pain. Unforgettable and unfortunate loss. May her soul rest in peace. She is survived by her parents and brother,” read a statement, issued by her PR.┬áLast rites of Mishti were performed on Saturday.

As the nation left shocked after the death of actress Mishti Mukherjee due to renal failure as a result of ‘Keto diet,’ health experts warned on Sunday that this hardest diet leads to an overload consumption of protein and burdens the kidney function and should not be made a permanent diet schedule.

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