At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 in Las Vegas, leaders in dental care space Colgate and Oral-B have revealed their smart toothbrush, which means it has AI inbuilt which you can pair it with your smartphone too.

Colgate launched Plaqless Pro smart electric AI toothbrush which can easily detect plaque and punitive build-ups in the mouth using its sensors. At the same time, Oral-B revealed Oral-B iO smart toothbrush, which focuses on deep cleaning.

Colgate Plaqless Pro

colgate smart toothbrush

Colgate has the new Plaqless Pro smart electric toothbrush which is pairable via Bluetooth for which you need to have the Colgate Connect app installed on your phone.

It says that it will provide particular information in real-time, which will be specific to the mouth of an individual.

It will carefully guide with the help of different feedback received by the brushing technique of every individual based on the data collected from the app. The app will also tell you is you have missed a spot while brushing. It will also customise some oral care tips for you.

Oral-B iO

oral-b smart toothbrush

Oral-B also came up with their smart version of toothbrush named as Oral-B iO to give a fierce competition to Colgate. What you get different from Colgate’s Plaqless is a motorised brushing mechanism. Oral-B designed it to combine oscillating, rotating movements with micro-vibrations so that it could ensure a deep clean.

There is also a bimodal pressure sensor in the toothbrush, which will tell the user exactly how much pressure it needs to be applied while brushing.

Like Colgate’s Plaqless, it will also have real-time individual tracking and coaching. All of these was only possible due to artificial intelligence which is informed by thousands of recorded brushing sessions. There are seven cleaning modes as well, including daily clean, sensitive and whitening.

And the winner is?

Although both companies have launched their product with high specifications, Colgate Plaqless Pro Smart electric toothbrush has won the best innovation for health and beauty. But let us tell you it’s not over yet; everything is getting smarter and we may see more intelligent everyday accessories this decade.