From morning dryness to dullness at night, we need to take natural care of our skin as it leads to flaky skin, chapped lips, flare-ups, itchy patches, irritation and also redness. Let us leave behind all those harmful chemicals and show our love towards natural ingredients and use them to get rid of dry or itchy skin.

So, now, there is no need to cover up your face with expensive makeup products. All you need is these three homemade remedies.

1. Hydration

Dry skin is a crucial indicator of dehydration, so its best to get water on before you crave it. Another way is by adding two teaspoons of glycerin with two teaspoons of brewed chamomile tea and 5 five drops of lavender oil. As glycerin is a hydrating agent, chamomile helps to calm dry patches of skin. Apply this rich serum with the help of cotton and leave it for 15-20 minutes to get a drink of moisture.

2. Steam

Facial steam helps to clean your itchy pores and boost your blood circulation to feel your natural skin. To get more benefits from steam, always add some rose petals or rose water and some lemon peels to brighten your face. Stay inches away from water and drape a towel over to trap the steam. Breath in deeply, wait for 5-10 minutes and then, aha! You will look fresh and feel energetic!

3. Aloe Vera

Whenever we think of “Natural product”, aloe vera is the first thing that pops up in front of us. Aloe vera helps to calm our skin and blur our pores to become magnificently flawless. To achieve a natural glow, add some aloe vera gel and rose water in a bowl, freeze the mixture, apply and slightly massage your skin.

If you have dry or itchy skin, then try these simple home remedies. These remedies are perfect for getting a natural no-makeup glow, especially in winter.

Let us know in comments if you got more such remedies.