A commentator described AirPods as “The sight of a grown man scrolling down the street, proudly ‘hands-free’, with electric toothbrush heads glued to his ears is not a dignified one”.

In 2018 there was just a solitary variant of AirPods in the market and a clamour for a new one. Apple answered this clamour in 2019 with not only one but two new options of AirPods. Since then ‘Not-so Dignified’ sight has become common as AirPods Pro selling like hotcakes.

Every brand is in the process of launching its AirPods rivals. Don’t believe us? At the Consumer Electronics Show 2020, Wireless earbuds were amongst the most launched product which includes companies like JBL, Audio Technia, Harman Kardon, Klipsch, Panasonic. Xiaomi too has its version of AirPods look-alike, Mi AirDots Pro and even OnePlus is said to be working on launching their own version AirPods.

It is now Apple’s turn, laughing to the bank despite all the jokes that were cracked at the expense of the AirPods. Now Others are also making a beeline to join in the fun, which is ultimately the real effect of AirPods.

Can you guess what’s fueling the right wireless headphones ‘Hysteria’?