Even if drivers trusted technology with their life, many of them would still not want to relinquish control of the car. After all, what right vehicle is a car if you can’t feel it properly by driving it? While many automobile companies focus on to mix traditional ways in favour of the fully autonomous vehicle. Recently Hyundai and Uber came up with Air Taxi service concept and now Honda is holding on tight to the steering wheel in a new ‘augmented’ experience that blends the best of both worlds.


When the car is in its autonomous state, a passenger can swipe left or right over the top of the steering wheel to change lane. The moveable steering wheel also doubles as a brake and accelerator, and MailOnline got a hands-on demo of the tech. By either pulling (brake) or pushing (accelerate) the wheel away from one’s body will control the vehicle. Honda says if a driver’s gaze is averted, then the autonomous system intervenes and take control, making you a distracted driver. It also has a sensor around the outer ring that can feel a driver’s touch.

‘In an autonomous future, this lets you still get that sensation of driving,’ said Jaymie Robinson. While augmented driving could help to bridge the divide between manual and autonomous vehicles, Honda’s concept is still just that-an idea.