Indian Railways takes a big step to enhance security! Bengaluru, Manmad and Bhudawal railway stations have been provided with facial recognition technology backed by Artificial Language. According to a PTI report, the Railway Protection Force wants to identify criminals who may be roaming at Railway stations. Facial recognition links to databases such as Criminal Tracking Network and systems. Two hundred railways stations installed VSS under phase one of the project.

Four types of Full-HD cameras-bullet type platform, dome type for indoor areas, ultra HD-4K cameras for central locations and Pan Tilt Zoom type for parking areas will make sure that stations are safe from criminals. Each HD cameras consumes around 1TB data, while 4K camera consumes 4TB data per month. The video footages will stay for 30 days for post-event analysis, playback, as well as for investigation purposes. However, essential videos can be in the database for a more extended period.

This year a budget of Rs. 250 crore was allotted to Indian Railways from Nirbhaya fund for installation of the video surveillance system.