The Suicide Squad writer-director James Gunn has teased that most of the new lineup may not survive till the end of the new DC film, and confirmed that he received a “carte blanche” from Warner Bros. to “do what he wanted.”

The Suicide Squad has a much bigger well, squad, than last time around — 14 have been announced alongside a couple of allies with superpowers — and except Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, the other characters have no connection to the DC film universe. As such, it can easily afford to kill as many as it likes, akin to what Deadpool 2 did with the X-Force.

Retweeting a new magazine cover featuring The Suicide Squad, Gunn wrote late on Saturday: “What two characters do you think are most likely to survive?” After a fan responded minutes later that Quinn has plot armour and two others are involved in other DC projects, Gunn replied: “No character was protected by DC. They gave me carte blanche to do what I wanted.”

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