People browsed the web through Opera before the age of Google Chrome. Now Opera is almost a legacy that might soon be tarnished by the company’s actions. Opera has accused of violating the Google Play Store policies. It turns out that Opera is offering predatory loans to customers via various android apps to make a profit.

What makes Opera behave like this?

Google chrome attracts people more though Opera stand out having numerous features. Google’s product dominates the market, which enforced Opera to make its profit by offering loans. The report from Hindenburg Research claims that Opera runs four Android application on Play Store. These loans apps target India with CashBean, Nigeria with OPay and Kenya with OKash and OPesa.

Google Play Store allows loan apps, but it does have some rules. Opera comes into bad light after violating those rules. OKash stated its loan range from 91-365 days, but an email response from the company said it only offered loans from 15-29 days which is lower than 60-day minimum enforced by Google.

Even worse, Opera scraped phone numbers from borrower’s phones, texting or calling them when payments were late in an attempt to get customers to pay. Due to the company’s misbehaviour, its stock price has also dropped from Rs 640 to a low of Rs 484.07. After such actions, it puts us into question whether we can trust them with our browsing data or not.