Shaadi Mubarak, which first aired on August 24, 2020, was supposed to be television actress Rajshree Thakur’s comeback show on TV opposite Manav Gohil. Now, Rajshree has quit the show within a month’s time and has been replaced by the producers overnight. The actress is said to be replaced by Rati Pandey.

The actress revealed the reason in a recent interview. Speaking to The Times of India, Rajshree said, “Firstly to clarify, I never had any fight with the makers over my exit; I don’t do that and I don’t have that image too in the industry. We never fought over anything and everything happened on a mutual note. I had put in my papers two weeks back and had informed the producers well in advance about my exit. We sat across the tables and tried to figure out a way that this doesn’t happen but we couldn’t come up with a midway.”

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