Both actor Robert Downey Jr and Marvel Studios are significantly richer than they were back in 2008, when the first film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe — Iron Man — was released. Over the years, Iron Man’s suit became more complex and more reliant on computer generated imagery (CGI).

In a clip from David Letterman’s talk show, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, Downey recalled working with heavy physical suits in the first Iron Man movie.

“Initially, everything was really there,” Downey told Letterman. “They wanted to spend as little as they could on CG replacement, so I remember this helmet went on, and there’d be a shot, and I’d be in this whole suit, and they’d say: ‘All right, Robert, it’s like you landed on the roof, so when we say action, just go like that, like you just landed, and then start moving forward.’

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